About  the Artist
Nirit is a trained Architect and Interior Designer who has transitioned to art pottery and sculpture. Her work often reflects esthetic colors, shapes, composition and texture from her architectural and designer roots.

As part of her transition, Nirit mastered Monotype, Monoprint, Solar Plate and Collagraph printmaking. 

She utilizes the “Chine-collé” technique that adds texture and transparency and creates multi-dimensional effects utilizing different concepts of layers and spaces all in one frame. 

As in life, a print starts with a blank piece of paper, with layers of color and shapes built upon it. The challenge is to create the right balance both in life and on a print.

Despite the complexity of some of her subject matter, Nirit is able to uniquely simplify her design concepts so that each person viewing her work sees it a bit differently often reflecting their own preferences and experiences.


Contact: nirit@niritart.com


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