In my painting practice, abstract painted forms suggest ideas to develop. I am a process painter. This simply means that I usually put brush to canvas before having an idea in mind. My contemporary abstract artwork is often recognized by a vibrant palette and strong design. I feel that all good art has a strong framework or composition.  
I love to use texture and layers either collaged or overlaid colors to achieve a desired outcome.  Inspiration is everywhere and in everything in my world and I have no problem finding ideas to grab from as the work develops. 
Lately I've been working in oil with cold wax as a medium and have been experimenting with hybrid printmaking techniques. Basically this means using using various types of printmaking in one print such as relief combined with monotype.  The possibilities are endless...


Noël Sandino- Contemporary Abstracts and Fine Art printmaking

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Your brush dances with color !joy! Playful composition, shape and texture. Wonderful
-- Kathy Sturges, 4/14/19

I love the vibrant color combinations on your canvasses. They make me happy.
-- Nancy Tipton, 4/9/19

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