Artist Statement

Applying and moving wet paint across a canvas or paper is sensual and probably the reason that attracted me to painting in the first place. It is all about the process.
Without preconceived ideas I fill areas with color, some intense, some muted and do mark making on top of that to begin a composition.  Working with lines and shapes I am challenged to discover and idea, no matter how abstract, and then pull an image out of the mess.  Wrestling this into something recognizable becomes my challenge.  My goal is to leave portions of the work ambiguous which creates additional interest and intrigue.  

Below is "Tropical Table" a hybrid print which is a combination of printmaking techniques.  woodcut, monotype, and stencil

Noël Sandino- Contemporary Abstracts and Fine Art printmaking

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Your brush dances with color !joy! Playful composition, shape and texture. Wonderful
-- Kathy Sturges, 4/14/19

I love the vibrant color combinations on your canvasses. They make me happy.
-- Nancy Tipton, 4/9/19

Contemporary abstract art. Oil Painting, Acrylic painting, printmaking Contact Noël for sale information 

 Noël SandinoMesilla Park, NM916 224-1245

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