Artist Statement

I am a native Californian who now lives in lovely southern New Mexico.  My abstract art represents the colors of the southwest, those colors that vibrate with the feel of the high desert and culture here.
Painting and printmaking are my main mediums and I am influenced by the nature that surrounds me. Birds, animals and indigenous plants show up in my work in some way, however, I also love to compose non-objectively.   My humorous outlook on life becomes apparent as you look though my body of work and see how I interpret interactions and situations as well.  
I don't feel that one has to limit themselves to one type of idea. Inspiration in the world is abundant. Often my imagination takes off with life as the springboard.

Printmaking is so experimental and exciting and I find that I can work in an abstract but representational manner and still have the feeling of expression, work that comes from the soul.  I continue to expand on this while still using mixed techniques within one print to arrive at the outcome I anticipate.


Noël Sandino- Contemporary Abstracts and Fine Art printmaking

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Your brush dances with color !joy! Playful composition, shape and texture. Wonderful
-- Kathy Sturges, 4/14/19

I love the vibrant color combinations on your canvasses. They make me happy.
-- Nancy Tipton, 4/9/19

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