Noël Sandino- Contemporary Abstracts and Fine Art printmaking
Artist statement

I consider painting as if I were composing a musical piece.  I work by improvisation and flux.  Throughout the process I’m always aware of how I’m using the elements of  rhythm, tension, repetition, and emphasis, which are also elements in music.  This is a natural approach for me since I am also a musician. 

I try not to anticipate the outcome of a painting and prefer to let it develop as I go.  I often work from my imagination.  Working as a process painter, objects or shapes can be changed in a heartbeat.  I allow myself the freedom to paint with abandon and consider anything expendable.  Richard Diebenkorn's 10 steps to making a painting is my basic philosophy.

I have been painting for many years and have many awards to my credit, nationally and internationallly.   I recently moved to New Mexico with my husband and dogs where I am finding new inspiration all around me.

Belleza Natural

Represented by: Cindy Strickland of Artworks

Contemporary abstract art. Oil Painting, Acrylic painting, printmaking Contact Noël for sale information 

 Noël SandinoMesilla Park, NM916 224-1245

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