Staying Home prayer box
Hi!  I've been slacking off on keeping my website current.  Busy, busy, busy is all I can say.  Since I've last posted a blog in fact, so much has happened.  One thing is that I have a new (old) press.  It's beautiful and a little larger than my last one.  It was originally owned by the late Sam Francis who at one time gave it to a friend who I bought it from.  It is custom made by a machinist that lived in CA and I feel so blessed to have found it and could afford it.  It literally weighs over a ton and was quite an ordeal to get it in the studio.  A very close friend moved it here to New Mexico for me on his truck. Then a local business owner let us use his forklift to lower it onto one of our trailers and then it was backed into the studio. Yeah, getting it in place was another ordeal. Anyway, what great friends we have and it was so much fun visiting too!
Also I have been working on my first installation piece for an upcoming show here in Las Cruces, NM.  It is for a show titled "Disrupted" and features works that demonstrate how Covid altered and disrupted lives in 2020.  My piece is titled "Staying Home -prayer box" and shown as best as I could from the studio.
Also I have  3 paintings in a group show at the Gallery 925 here in my hometown.

 LatelyI have been combining techniques using prints, drawing and painting with mixed media which include acrylic inks and Marabu water based crayons.  
All this while I have had a busy first part of the year enjoying the company of my granddaughter Naomi who moved here from Sacramento, CA. She did online school for awhile and then it was driving her to and from school for the last 2 months.
And if all that wasn't enough, I'm doing an online residency.  You say "What?". Yes it is online with a group called Thrive and it is women artists who have a support system and are mostly studio painters.  The residency is a commitment to do a body of work or whatever each proposes to do for the month of August.  Something I'm looking forward to and progress with. I will be doing a set of drawing/mixed media for a new printmaking series involving birds as metaphors.
Well for now, enjoy the rest of summer.  Love Noël


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