Lately our lives have been challenged as we all know.  The simple things that we've taken for granted have been stiffled or simply non-existent.  Just a nice dinner out at a favorite venue or a trip to your local home improvement store has changed with all this social distancing and fear of contacting "the virus". 
Well, I've been staying busy.  The studio is where I am usually located on a regular basis and I've finally been able to concentrate on a new series and further developing my editioning skills.  I've added some new woodblock prints to my oeuvre and priced them to sell.  I think the foursome would make a very nice presentation as a whole. 

Print day in May is coming up and I've invited a few to join me in printmaking and sharing worldwide.  This is an annual event and since I have a studio press I decided to participate this year.  I'll share on Instagram and FaceBook but also on the International site with the founder.  It should be a blast!  Remember to follow me on IG at #monoprintess,  just art stuff....


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