drawing- desert 1
Ahhh... sweet September.  Yes, I love the Fall and it couldn't be better here in New Mexico. The temps are dropping at night and it's getting cooler in the morning hours.  I ride my bike most weekdays before hitting the studio for some art time. I've been drawing a lot lately for new inspiration to my printmaking practice too. It's a slower pace here than what I was used to in my home state of CA.
It's been sad to hear so much about the fires there.  It really breaks my heart.  I feel for all of my friends back there whom I had to leave for this part of the country.  I wish you all the best and safety wherever you are living. 
I'm enjoying using the new (old Rolls Royce type) press that I mentioned earlier.  I feel so blessed to have a huge studio and was able to purchase it.  I will begin teaching again in the fall but it was so nice to have a break from that this summer.  
I have no trips planned as of right now but I am planning a trip with my husband to Portugal in 2022.  Bye for now and stay safe!   Love Noël

drawing - desert 2

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