This Holiday Season


With more holidays coming up and the world in such a mixed-up condition,  I just wanted to say a sincere Thank You! to all who support my endeavors in Artland.    Whether you’ve purchased art from me this year or you support me with friendly interaction on social media I felt that kind words in return are what I can offer.  Support is so necessary and although working in isolation is my norm, I know it isn’t for most people.  I feel for you!  I even have days that just feel like I’m out of sorts in some way.  

Lately I am teaching again in my home studio and also was able to participate in Ventanas Vivas, a Las Cruces Chistmas season window project.  It was fun and although I spent 10 hours on it, I think giving something to the community was needed. Even though the street was mostly vacant when I worked, I did receive nice feedback form those who came by during my painting.  Here is my mural for the historic Rio Grande Theatre on Main Street.  I was happy to be chosen to do that particular venue.

Thank God I have my health. I’m hoping this email blog will find you in good spirits and also good health and I wish each and every one of you a blessed holiday season.  Let me know if I can supply you with a gift for a family member or friend or if you are needing a special piece for your home.  I am offering free shipping through December and also a buy one get one half price offer at this time.  Hope you celebrate the season and stay safe!


Noel Sandino


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