Black Bird Studio and August Giveaway month!


So it's July and I'm still working in my studio most days.  I've given the studio a name based on the red-winged blackbirds that live in the plants nearby.  Hearing them is music to my ears and reminds me that nature is thriving.
Anyway, a month ago...(it's only been that long?) I tripped outside my home and broke my leg.'s been a slow recovery and difficult for me and my husband who had to take on a lot of my usual routine jobs.  When you break a leg, it's as though you've lost use of your hands too for the most part because you are using them to transport yourself with crutches or a scooter. 

Well enough complaining, lol.  I have been busy focusing on new art adventures and have been asked to do a Zoom class which I'm looking forward to implementing. However I have started teaching here at Black Bird Studio and recently was written up in our local community paper.  How cool is that?  

Anyway, August is giveaway month and if you aren't in my contact list, what are you waiting for?  It's free and easy.  If you tag a friend and they sign up you will have your name put in the drawing twice!  This small original painting is an oil on panel and it's going to a lucky winner by August 31st.  
Here is the painting called 'Grow Where You are Planted'  Good Luck!  


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