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Stay Home
Well a new year and another award thanks to the ArtForms members show.  Yes I received an Honorable Mention for my hybrid woodcut "The Tourist"  I'm happy for the recognition anyway and have a few of the edition to sell.  It is one of many that I've worked on in series during our lockdown last year. 
The California Printmakers Society show is still up in Piedmont CA which I am a part of and am happy about exhibiting anywhere right now.  Also thus year I will be doing my first public installation project which will show here in Las Cruces in August.  
Meanwhile I am continuing to work in the studio and even teach!  I'm unafraid of this virus and go about my business as usual.  I wish others would do the same.  I keep hearing of people afraid to go out and keep seeing others on their bikes or walking their dogs with face masks on.  Tragic if you ask me.  It's mentally unhealthy but I'll try not to judge. 
I am using Instagram to promote my artwork and if you don't see me on Facebook it's because I really don't like it anymore and I'm now aware of the dangers of it.  Also, when was the last time you actually called someone about anything in life.  We have become so dependent on social media (oops! I guess I'm using it here!) for everything and it saddens me.  
Our kids are stuck at home, remote learning as much as possible but missing friends and socializing and it's bad for them.  Businesses going under because of bad governing and I suggest we all pray for better days to come.  I know this will pass but felt it was time to reach out to others even here on my platform.  Brighten your day and go out and see some fresh art or go on a walk or enjoy a sunset.  Support your local businesses if you are able.  Wishing you the best.  
Thank you for the support!  Noël


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