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Congratulations, beautiful
-- Marie Dixon, 8/8/20

I love your artwork and the painting "Grow Where You are Planted". I wish you much success with your business
-- Larry Mackey, 8/8/20

-- Karen Currier, 7/17/20

I recently took a private class with Noel. I officially learned the reduction print method, but on the side I learned oh, so much more. Noel is so knowledgeable about everything print related and she shares it freely. I had a great time and consider myself lucky to have met her and can call her my friend.
-- Gabriele Teich, 7/14/20

Just browsing and looking to see what's new on your site. Beautiful work - I need to sell some of mine so I can buy some of yours. Keep it up!
-- Marty Galster, 7/11/20

Mark KertzmanLove your paintings. They make me smile! I wish I could be as free as you are creatively!
-- Mark Kertzman, 3/17/20

You had me at " the bible says... " 珞 you've been truly blessed.  Beautiful work., Noel.
-- Rose Flores , 5/1/19

Love the website!
-- Danny Panasiuk, 5/1/19

Congratulations, beautiful
-- Marie Dixon, 5/1/19

Good to have you in the Tenners!
-- Jan Archey, 4/27/19

Great art. So happy you joined us in New Mexico.
-- Marty Galster, 3/14/19

I really like Noel's paintings and they are even better to see in person! Gorgeous work.
-- Carol Wortner, 3/8/19

Sacramentian instagram fan who would love to share informational ideas
-- Shirley Toback, 5/16/18

I love your art! Tell me more about your biblical based art challenge. I'd love to try something like that!
-- Marty Galster, 2/7/18

Contemporary abstract art. Oil Painting, Acrylic painting, printmaking Contact Noël for sale information 

 Noël SandinoMesilla Park, NM916 224-1245

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