So it has been quite the busy month or so. I have been working on many exciting projects and it seems like there are new ideas to explore all the time.

I went to Strawberry Vale Elementary School a few weeks back and talked to a few classes about what I do and where I come from. I had a great time with the kids as they made it very easy by asking lots of questions.

I also went to the Moss Street Xmas Market for the first time this year which was an enormous success. I'm pretty sure all the vendors had an excellent weekend as the market was packed. Unfortunately, my glass jewellery wasn't ready in time for it but I will have it in time for the Summer Markets when they come around.

In the meantime, we are going over to Vancouver for Xmas but I will be back hard at work on Boxing Day. Not too hard though.......the Canadian Juniors start their tourney that day!


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