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Your talent and hardwork is an inspiration to me. Thanks for sharing.
-- Jill Berger, 11/18/12

Great work. Very nice interpetation and fine knife work.
-- David Kelsey, 11/10/11

Very impressive and beautiful art work on your site. Please let me know when new pieces arrive. I just purchased a bowl by Jason Hunt and it is amazing in our family room. Terrific work. Thanks.
-- John Haynes, 3/31/11

Very, Very beautiful have a talent that is dying w/ the last of the 1st people's of this continent. I so hope that you have a few apprentices' to pass your craft too. PEACE BE WITH YOU
-- Lori, 2/13/11

Hi Jason, I bought the Thunderbird Moon print in Victoria last month while visiting my family ...IIt is proudly hanging in my cottage and will send you a photo once I get a decent shot....It was great meeting you and hope to chat again with you when I am back in B.C. Maggie
-- Maggie, 7/7/09

We are really enjoying the ghost mask we bought from you at the Sidney market. Can you tell me about the history behind ghost masks when you have a moment? Google is letting me down! Thanks so much. Beverly
-- Beverly Pickford, 6/18/09

Hello Jason, I met you last Saturday at the Moss St. Market. My sister and I stopped and chatted with you for awhile. I asked you about places to visit up island, should I decide to go on a road trip. I am love all of your art but am really interested in seeing your jewellry when you get started on it. Lorraine Hawkes
-- Lorraine Hawkes, 6/9/09

We saw you at Moss St market and have kept your card. At some time in the near future we want to commission two pieces for important people in our lives so we will keep following your work closely.
-- Joy Robinson, 1/4/09

Jason, it has been a while since Anita and I last spoke to you. Will be taking a trip to Victoria after Christmas. Would like to take you and your major other (if you have made that walk yet) to dinner. Your carving still looks as good as the day we purchased it from you about 14 - 15 years ago. Will probably be looking for an addition to the collection.
-- William H Souder, 11/7/08

It was a pleasure to speak with you at the Moss Street Market. I greatly admire your work, including the incredible heron paddle you recently completed. I look forward to following your works in progress.
-- Corinne Mah, 9/22/08

The Gallery is fantastic! I recognize lots of your work and am impressed with so many new additions. You obviously have worked hard and come "into your own". Continued good luck....regards, shirley
-- Shirley Sanderson, 8/25/08

Hi Jason, Was great seeing you again last weekend at the Moss Street Market. You've done a great job on your website as well as carving. Cheers, Karen
-- Karen Kirby, 8/17/08

The site looks great! I can't wait to see more of the artwork in progress!
-- Jessica , 7/7/08

We met last Thursday in Sidney. Keep up the good work. By the way I saw George Hunt, who I was asking you about, the day after I saw you. We had a chance to renew old stories
-- Ed Wignall, 6/23/08

AleskoGreat work here...I love this!!!
-- Alesko, 6/13/08

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