Well, I knew I would let myself down but I didn't think it would be quite so soon! Have missed a few days but in fairness I have been away for the weekend so forgive myself for the lapse.

Spent a wonderful weekend in Yorkshire (where my heart is happiest) with friends. So nice to be in the company of people you care for and can feel relaxed and at ease with. Used the time to soak up as much inspiration as I could from all kind of sources whether it was from nature itself (the changing colours of the leaves on the trees, oh my, that's so beautiful) to lots of 'pretties' in the lovely shops in Ilkley. That town is wonderful! Like stepping back in time to a more genteel period and of course you can't go to Ilkley without popping in to Betty's for something yummy. Love that place! Came home with Yorkshire curd cake and a Fat Rascal! (That's a huge scone...not my husband!)

Home again though to plan for this week's Panda Club lessons. Fully inspired by my trip to Betty's, we will be painting cupcakes this week so look out for those on the gallery page soon. I will talk the children through the basic drawing, talk about colours that work together and think about how to decorate the cakes. It's going to be pretty much free reign as far as that goes and knowing my Panda's they will rise to the challenge and knock my socks off as usual. These children have so much talent it is a joy to see it given a platform each week in the form of Panda Club, a piece of paper and a whole bunch of creativity. Watch this space!

Need to go and prep for today's lesson but will be back soon. Hope you are all enjoying the changing colours that this season brings. It's like living in a changing painting isn't it? 


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