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Testimonial regarding Panda Art


To Whom It May Concern:


Since Mrs. Bev Morrant began her Panda Art sessions at St. Peter’s, they have proved to be enormously popular with our pupils and their parents and carers.


The learning has been fun and the skills learnt are very high level. The progress children have made in their art skills in school has been rapid, and the children’s outcomes from sessions are extremely impressive. Bev Morrant’s enthusiasm and expertise enables her to expertly guide and empower children to be creative and expressive with their art work. They achieve highly and love the subject.


Panda Art has had a huge impact on children’s competence and confidence in art and design, and has been the best such initiative I have seen in twenty years of teaching.


Yours truly,


Ralph Wood



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Saturday 16th July 2011


Firstly I must tell you amazing news! Panda Club recently won first place in a National After School Art Competition. the prize was £1000!!!! Lots of lovely money to spend on things to do in classes. Already started spending!
The children are very excited and should rightly feel extremely proud of their achievement.
We broke up from school yesterday for the summer break.

This is good! It gives me time to run summer sessions for both adults and children from my lovely new studio. (Different classes obviously!) 

I have posted new pages on the website with details if you are interested. Classes are filling up so book early. If necessary I can extend to further days.

I start my first adult classes on Monday (18th July) and have to say i am really looking forward to it and meeting new Pandas...even if they are a little older that my usual Pandas! I can't wait to show people how easy art can be if you know how to look at things and convert what you see onto a blank piece of paper and into a piece of work to be proud of.

I have also reduced my hours at work in order to run classes during the school term time and offer Batik Workshops not only from the studio for small groups but also in local Primary Schools.

It all feels very exciting. I have taken a huge risk giving up this time at work but I strongly feel that it is important to take a huge leap of faith occasionally if you want to move forward in life and grow as a person. No regrets right?

So, wish me luck in my endeavours and I hope that some of you might join me at the studio before very long!

Take care, hope to see you soon. xxx


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