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Harris A Byerley

Artist directory :: Harris A Byerley

I have a passionate desire to share the gifts I've been blessed with, and thus, aid in the enjoyment of others to share, through visual means, their appreciation of the blessing of sight.

Harris A Byerley


Harris A Byerley 
I was blessed at a very young age with the realization, through winning accolades and selling pieces, that people were( gratefully) drawn to my paintings, drawings, and sculpture. I work in a plethora of mediums, styles and genres, thus, I've been best described, I believe, as a "raw" talent. I trust, completely, in the "gifts" and that seems to work! I was pleasantly surprised to read in an article in an art magazine,after a lengthy and enjoyable interview, that I had been dubbed "the Mad Hatter" LOL Painting hats over 30 years, a story in itself! Only the source from which my gifts flow knows, the whys and wherefores, of how it actually works.........I let it complete itself through inspiration and allow any glory realized, to be returned to the...


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Rio Hondo, TX 78583
United States


Artwork  Some are commissions, some are plein aire, some were photo inspirations, some are just inspired creations that needed to be completed in someones home. The hats are an entity in and of themselves. The pith helmets are an ongoing homage to the first two hats I ever painted, over 30 years ago. The day after they were designated, by The Amazing Walter, (Grand Puba of the group) the "official" head gear of The "Sons of The Beach" on South Padre Island TX.
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