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Andrea Brown's Outsider’s Studio

Artist directory :: Andrea Brown's Outsider’s Studio

Artist and curator, teacher too, Andrea Brown's Outsider's world showcases her many passions.

Andrea Brown's Outsider’s Studio


The Outsider's Studio 
Andrea Brown is a mixed media artist. She is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design (Textiles and Glass), and studied abroad in the south of France at the Ecole des Beaux Arts (Painting and Sculpture). Working with diverse materials, both sculpturally and two-dimensionally, is what inspires Ms. Brown. Much of her sculptural work uses found materials and many of her flat work pieces use pre-existing surfaces to paint or draw upon such as vintage linoleum, feed bags, dollar store posters, or a woven painting. Andrea’s most extensive body of work, called Woven Paintings, involves using a large loom where she weaves tactile canvases made of measuring tape, film strip, electrical wiring and other unconventional linear material. These canvases are painted...


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Andrea Brown's Outsider's Studio
6314 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70118
United States


Bio and Resume To a certain degree, I would say that the work I make is rather primitive, although I am not self-taught. Digging in the dirt for a living has inspired much of my work. Artists who inspire me: Betty Sayre, Jean DuBuffet's mud series, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Anselm Kiefer to name a few.
2 Dimensional Works I like working with all sorts of two dimensional materials. From cutting up paper and cardboard, to working with feed bags, to experimenting with different printmaking and collage techniques, I never cease to try to reinvent ways to make rather unconventional works on paper-like surfaces.
3 dimensional works  My sculptural works can lean towards using found objects. Any material can inspire me. I like trying to play with many things: cutting into wood, making paper doll like stages, or collaging stairs.
Chair Transformations I hate to see old furniture thrown out; to me, each piece is history unto itself. I want to give them another chance to be seen again, maybe not necessarily sat upon, but used again as a piece of art. Thus, I resurrect each chair I find or that is given to me; they are transformed from a throwaway to a humorous or sophisticated piece of sculpture.
Woven Paintings My Woven Paintings are created on a loom whereby I weave varied, unconventional materials such as measuring tape, strings of beads, electrical wiring, belts, and much much more until what is created is a multi-dimensional canvas. These intricately textured weavings are then painted. Each painting is a result of memories and projections, of people, places and events that have been a part of my everyday life.
Vintage Linoleum Paintings The linoleum used to make these paintings was found on the floors of our home in Upstate New York. Some of my linoleum paintings were inspired by a man I imagined was living in our late 1800's farmhouse before we renovated it, who probably lived during the latter years of the civil war. His world is seen from the floor up.
Wearable Art Small and big farms alike, while living in the Catskill mountains of Upstate New York, I amassed animal feed bags from those who owned horses, chickens and llamas. Bird watching meant keeping bird feeders stocked year round. Saving my bags and collecting my farmer friends' bags, I felt a strong need to find a way to re-purpose them.
Past Projects: The Outsider's Studio Gallery/Artist Collective While living in the Catskill mountains of Upstate New York, from 2005 to 2016, my husband and I ran a gallery called The Outsider's Studio then The Outsider's Studio Collective. Our small space, a former liquor store, with many handmade built-in shelves, showcased artists from New York City and Upstate New York. We also put together film festivals, a Pickin' Parlor, and spoken word events.
The Outsider's Studio Gallery 2006-2009 From Memorial Day weekend of 2006 to New Year's Day of 2009, The Outsider's Studio gallery, located in Livingston Manor, NY hosted monthly group art exhibitions. From Book Arts, to clay and other works in the third dimension, to works on paper and canvas, photographs, and video installations. A good time was always had by all who dared to join us.
The Outsider's Studio Gallery: Artists' Works So many artists, from New York City and Upstate New York, were a part of The Outsider's Studio Gallery.
The Outsider's Studio Collective 2009-2015 Starting in 2009, we were all about growing as a Pop Up arts entity. As a collective, we 4 women harnessed our creative selves to help make many arts events come together. We were a great team able to execute some rather awesome pop up exhibitions.
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The Pickin' Parlor and Its Bands About once a month we gathered at The Outsider's Studio and invited musicians and singer-songwriters, of all levels, to join together for an evening of music that runs the gamut from Bill Monroe to The Isley Brothers. Our motto is, "If you know three chords and a song, you might just fit in". The "Pickin' Parlor is also also the birthplace of the bands, "The Do Don't Darlin's" and "The Raddyo's".
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