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"The Nature of Art" by Alice Babcock Lynch

Artist directory :: "The Nature of Art" by Alice Babcock Lynch

Paintings and woodcarvings by Alice Babcock Lynch. A visualization of work by wildlife artist Alice Babcock Lynch, dipicting the beauty and the art of nature with a collection of old working decoys, (working works of art).

 "The Nature of Art" by Alice Babcock Lynch


Alice Babcock Lynch 
Alice Babcock Lynch, "Ali", usually works in water color and oils, but has recently started painting in gouache. Her subjects are primarily animals including birds of prey, wild horses, deer, African animals, birds, and large apes of the world. In addition to being inspired by the beauty and grace of the animals and their habitats, she believes that "when we strive to protect and preserve our wildlife, it is only then when we are truly protecting ourselves ..." Ali learned to draw and paint at the tender age of five, and has been painting professionally since the age of sixteen. She is a member of a family that has several acclaimed artists. Her grandfather painted wildflowers and songbirds on glass; and her mother, her original teacher, paints...


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2070 Bottlebrush Drive
Melbourne, FL 32935
United States


Wood Carvings This is a collection of hand carved pieces of art by Alice Babcock Lynch, such a water fowl, fish, carousel horses.
Original Works of Art A collection of paintings, wood carvings and photographs by Alice Babcock depicting the grace and beauty of wild life.
Antique Decoy Carvings I have compiled a wonderful collection of antique hand carved decoys. Some of these pieces date from the mid 1800's to early to mid 1900's. These are not only beautiful works s of art, but they were actual working decoys.
Wildlife Photographs This is a compilation of photographs that I have taken of the wild life along my travels. Enjoy.
Photographs This is a colection of photographs of interest people and places.
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