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Anthony Barbaria

Artist directory :: Anthony Barbaria

Art, Illustration and Graphic Design. From weird to wonderful.

Anthony Barbaria


Anthony Barbaria 
Due to the extremely low quality of this web editor, I will be moving my main website elsewhere. I will keep this one active, but it will no longer be my main website. Anthony Barbaria currently resides in a small town between Placerville and Folsom, CA, but is from San Jose, California. Part of the intentions in his work is to bring attention to the unknown world around us and its involvement in our day to day lives where the world is much more than it seems. This can be anything from the forgotten souls living on the streets to the extraterrestrial beings flying in the skies and everything in between. The Skull bird series is to bring an idea that something so macabre can exist as a natural being and not be scary. Just because someone does...


Graphic Design portfolio I have been creating my own flyers for my art and music events, as well as for H.Art lounge and various other establishments on a volunteer basis. I am always striving to improve my design abilities. I often use my own Photographs or ones provided by the artists.
Octopi and... A new series of illustrations starting late 2017 and into 2018.
The Misplaced Cosmonaut - 2015 New Series The Misplaced Cosmonaut is a new miniseries. It is currently on display at H.Art Lounge in Placerville, California. 304 Main street Placerville, Ca 95667
HITCHBOT ART SHOW PREVIEW "THIS ONE'S FOR HITCHBOT!" A tribute to Hitchbot, the Canadian, Hitchhiking Robot who met his temporary demise in Philadelphia. Friday, August 28th 5 to 9 p.m. Closing reception on September 25th, 2015. Feverdream Gallery 2416 Penn Ave. Reading, PA 19609 Anthony Barbaria Byron Baum Nicolas Caesar Matt Deterior David Gerbstadt Mark May Mathew Mazurkiewicz Mike Hates Meathook Jaime Morlock Ralski Zack Rudy Ron Schiding JordanWitkofsky And more!
Aliens in the midst UFO and Alien pieces including the solo show, "See The Unseen", which took place in April of 2013 at SLG Publishing's Art Boutiki in San Jose, California.
Skull Birds and more. The original "Plight of the Skull Birds" series featured the life and death of a skull bird. It was exhibited at 'On The Corner Music' in Campbell, California for the October 2010 group show that I organized, entitled "Strange Creatures".
Small works Various smaller pieces made mostly using Illustration markers.
Chalk Art 6 items
From the Sketchbook. Most of these are from my Sketchbook and were made at various art events, open mics and other places, such as the laundromat.
Pandacorns I did not create the Pandacorn. I thought I did, but when I went to research it after coming up with the concept, I found that there were many other people who also had the same idea. My actual pieces are created based upon the original concept that came to mind when I decided to have a one day event at Mantiques in the Niles district of Fremont, California.
Toy Mashups using Photoshop. This was a project for my Adobe Photoshop class. I enjoyed it and hope to make more.
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