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Susan Cohen Thompson, paintings and ceramics

Artist directory :: Susan Cohen Thompson, paintings and ceramics

Paintings in oil on canvas, hand carved ceramics and fine prints from watercolors. Themes reflect on the interconnectedness of forests, birds and water and human nature art. Thompson art is inspired by dreams and journeys into nature.

Susan Cohen Thompson, paintings and ceramics


Susan Cohen Thompson 
In this youtube video Susan talks about her inspiration. Susan Cohen Thompson's art is deeply inspired by her relationship with earth and a spiritual kinship with trees. She is originally from Queens, New York where both her nature and art education came primarily from visiting museums in New York City. Thompson left New York for a rural college experience in Ohio where she earned a BFA. From there, she moved to Massachusetts and continued studying art in various museum schools. She has been self employed since 1980 and works full time as an artist. Her passion for connecting with nature took her on two journeys into the Amazon Rain Forest in Ecuador. There she learned from indigenous shaman to connect with the earth. This profound experience...


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Camano Island, WA
United States


Susan's Store These Archival Prints from my original paintings are available in several sizes. I make the prints myself in my studio with an Epson 3880 printer. The prices listed are for unframed prints.
Artisan Wrapping Paper Wrapping paper designed by Susan Cohen Thompson from details of her paintings with designs reflected, reversed and repeated to create patterns filling the 6'x30" commercially printed rolls. The papers are available for $ 20. per roll and may be purchased from Susan directly.
Illuminations Lunar Haiku I am drawn to moon it pulls my watery self like it pulls the tide
Tree Paintings Tree Haiku Incredible Trees Providing Air and Water Hold Earth with Their Roots
Skagit Valley & Puget Sound Farmland Haiku Flatness of Valley Inside Bowl of Salish Sea Drifting Together
Bird Paintings Bird Haiku Fully Connected Birds and Trees are One Being Dreaming Flight and Nest
Human Nature Human Nature Haiku See with Nature's Eyes Earth is a Sentient Being Consciousness Unfolds
Flower Paintings Flower Haiku How Lucky We Are That the Earth Has Made Flowers Bringing Us To Life
Deep in the Amazon Amazon Forest Haiku Breathing in Rich Air I Deepen My Earth Dreaming Now I Speak with Trees
Global Peace Series Peace Haiku Meditations In Electromagnetic Field Imagining Peace
Ceramic Vessels & Rattles Susan has been working in clay for around 7 or 8 years. Her concentration has been on slab built, hand carved pieces. In her college days, Susan fell in love with ceramics and majored in sculpture for her BFA.
Ceramic Tiles These are handmade carved one of a kind ceramic tiles built from slabs. The tiles with dark lines are relief carvings into the clay.
Drawings These drawings are created using lightfast waterproof India ink pens on Arches watercolor paper.


Full Moon Paintings
The full moon is a central theme in Susan Cohen Thompson's recent oil paintings. It is often surrounded by trees or leaf tendrils.

Camano Island Studio Tour - Open Studio
My studio will be open to the public for our annual island wide open studios. May 11, 12, 13 & 19, 20, 2018. 10am - 5pm - Studio 9 on the free self guided tour. Susan will be showing new oil paintings, ceramics, ink drawings and prints. You can download a brochure.

Speaking with Nature
Susan Cohen Thompson with Llyn Roberts at Matzke Fine Art. Gallery exhibition included Susan's original drawings from Llyn's book, Speaking with Nature.

Camano Island Studio Tour
Camano Island Open Studios, Thompson Art Studio is on the popular, self guided tour of over 30 art studios. May 6,7,8 & 14, 15, 2016

Open Studio at Thompson Art House
Susan is "Wrapping Up the Year" selling her new art wrapping papers along with small printed tiles, hand carved tiles, carved bowls, paintings, prints and note cards. Come see what's in the studio!

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