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Artist directory :: BlaineClayton

Watercolor, and acrylic paintings. Landscapes of the south west and more. The canyons and mountains in Utah, red rocks snow, desert and grean in spring



Blaine A Clayton 
I am getting older. I work as a Social Worker. I belong to the Utah Watercolor society and I love to paint. I have Joined a co-op Galley in Sugarhouse which is the south east part of Salt Lake City. We call it Local Colors Of Utah see our web page.


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1351 Littler Cir.
Sandy, UT 84092
United States


plein-air Gallery most of my paintings are at least started en plain-air
Plein Air painting Paintings I did this year out in the great out doors
2017 9 items


Painting en-plein air
I love to paint out in nature. I painted in Liberty park and Hidden valley park the last couple of weeks I will be the featured artist at Local colors of Utah in November 2018 this is a co-op gallery in sugarhouse which is part of Salt Lake City

ancient sea
painting en-plein air at Capital Reef

Painting the sunset after a storm in the Salt lake Valley
We ate dinner and set our easels up in the parking-lot of the Son's of the Utah pioneers. We had to paint fast because our light was leaving every minute The red as the sun approaches the horizon is always beautiful I added some clouds to catch the red. One of the other artists said I didn't see any clouds. I said not today but I remember from a different time.

Mediterranean cruse
visited Rome this year and cruised the Mediterranean and I did a few small painting

Plein-air Painting
Painting out door in a short time period. A skill builder and a lot of fun rubbing shoulders with other artists. I just got back from Midway and Heber Utah before that I did the summer fest paint out in Logan Utah and before That Torry and Capital Reef lots of fun and painting and I sold a painting at each event

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