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Hakob Hakobyan's Art

Artist directory :: Hakob Hakobyan's Art

New York Based Armenian Artists

Hakob Hakobyan's Art


Hakob Hakobyan Art 
When I opened my eyes I saw great art work, created by my father . I grew up in art world. I saw and felt colors and mysterious art from my childhood. Now I draw...I draw what is beautiful what is ugly, I am trying to find a little l Light in a big darkness. Actually I draw everything I create my art from my feelings from my memory and dreams. Art is extremely important in my life, all my life is like art and creating... Hakob Hakobyan is New Yrok based contemporary artist, was born in 1983 in Echmiadzin, Armenia, to an artistic family. Hakob's father Kajik Hakobyan is a well-known artist painter, and it is through his father that Hakob first became exposed to the art world. Hakob first began drawing when he was six years old. He held his first...


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