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Mixed Media Fine Art

Artist directory :: Mixed Media Fine Art

5x7 w/ backing in glassine sleeve.

Mixed Media Portrait 2


Mixed media, with backing, in glassine sleeve.


Dawn McLaughlin 
"Art is nature seen through a temperament” (Emile Zola) I am a self taught multi-media artist working in collage, assemblage, sculpture, drawing, and painting. Although often mixed-media obsessed, I have an abiding love of drawing, and it is through drawing that my personal expression best reveals itself. Charcoal, pastel, and graphite are my preferred mediums. Since I am particularly captivated by the power of the portrait to evoke and communicate the human condition, faces and figures are the primary focus of my work. ~Dawn McLaughlin


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New Jersey
United States


DIVIDED SELF: CONCEALED AND REVEALED (portrait series) Now available! Giclee Prints (8x10/11x14 matted in plastic sleeve) $45 (shipping included) Post cards (5x7 with envelope in plastic sleeve) $7 (shipping included) Please note: Divided Self (2019-2020) series originals not for sale.
BOOK ART Hand-made and altered books.
MINI ABSTRACTS  Acrylic and mixed media mini abstract paintings. Mounted Abstracts: $50 (shipping included) Matted Abstracts: $40 (shipping included) Concertina Album Abstracts : see “Book Art” gallery
ORIGINAL NOTE CARDS Original Abstracts mounted on 5x7 watercolor note cards with envelopes in glassine sleeves.
WHITE ON BLACK INTUITIVE DRAWINGS w/ HAIKU, 5x7 Postcards with envelope in plastic sleeve. White gel pen intuitive narrative drawings on black paper with interpretive haiku.
EXPRESSIVE INK DRAWINGS 8x10 India ink drawings
COLLAGE 4 items
PRINTS and NOTE CARDS (early work) 5.5”x4” notecard w/envelope in glassine sleeve $6 5”x7” note card w/ envelope in glassine sleeve $8 8”x10” matted print in glassine sleeve $25 9”x12” matted print in glassine sleeve $30 11”x14” matted print in glassine sleeve $35 12”x16” matted print in glassine sleeve $40 16”x20” matted print in glassine sleeve $45 18”x24” matted print in glassine sleeve $50 Please contact me for availability.
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