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Barry Russell

Artist directory :: Barry Russell

The beauty of wood, The elegance of form.

Barry Russell


Barry Russell 
Artist Statement: Woodturning is about the wood and form, Today, woodturning as an art form has taken many directions. Work on the lathe easily lends itself to the creation of vessels, but the vessel is only the beginning. Many artists are moving the art away from the vessel and are creating sculpture on the lathe. Most of my work retains the vessel. I seek to use classic forms as a starting point. I use various techniques to transform the vessel and present it in a different context. I employ carving, sculpting, texturing, burning, and coloring to create a work product that has a visual and tactile impact on those who come in contact with it. As an artist working with wood as a media, I am challenged by a beautiful and unique material that can be...


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Cornelius, NC 28031
United States


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