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Blue Note Art

Artist directory :: Blue Note Art

Traditional and digital art prints using archival ink and high quality heavyweight paper

Blue Note Art


Blue Note Art 
I'm a self-taught artist with a pure passion for drawing, painting and creating. I've been drawing and sketching all my life but when I discovered a whole new world of art with acrylics and pastels back in 2012, it set me off on a whole other new and exciting creative path. Recently I have found anime and digital art quite intriguing and fun, so the learning continues. My goal is to present my artworks at exhibitions in the near future, but for now I'm excited that a beautiful local artisan store has recently accepted my fine art cards and during this last tourist season, they almost sold out, very encouraging! CreativeMindsPortal on DeviantArt Hi! My main passion is the visual arts. A day dreamer all my life and the only thing I was good at...


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Sunshine Coast
British Columbia


Prints Prints come in sizes up to 13”x19” on beautiful paper gsm 190-235 Watermarks will be removed Artist signature on front with silver archival ink Prints will be gently rolled and shipped in a tube
Wildlife Wildlife is a fascinating world and I find drawing many different animals to be both extremely fun and intriguing. My favorites are wild cats, wolves, bears and lately I've been finding a new love with painting tropical birds.
Scenic I have a limited few displayed here right now but many projects on the way. Originals are all done with acrylic on Studio Watercolor 11"x14" 300 gsm Fabriano archival paper. I used mixed media ( acrylic &pastel ) for "Poppies By The River" with a touch of digital for the sun effect.
Anime Anime is exactly how it looks, "animated and fun" And thats exactly what it's like to draw this genre, fun! I'm particularly proud of Victory, she's my very first anime character creation. This gallery will be filling up as I learn and my projects get completed.
Fantasy World Fantasy art is a whole different dimension and I love how it can take you out of reality and embellish the mind onto a whole different level of creative concepts
Realism & Portrait Capturing a persons expression and mood can be a fun challenge and this gallery is full of that intent. Of course, your own perception on what you're looking at is your own reality. Therefore an artists reality is always different than the viewers.


From Traditional To Digital
Most of the time I start off with traditional painting and finish with digital

Eye Sketching
Brushing up on traditional drawing and practicing eye sketching

Drawing Tablets For Beginners
For a beginner in learning digital art, searching for the right drawing tablet can be overwhelming. I'll do my best in helping with the task and hopefully make it a more enjoyable endeavor.

Project Portrait
Just another pretty face portrait

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