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Cathy Choyce Fine Art - Equine & Pet Portraits

Artist directory :: Cathy Choyce Fine Art - Equine & Pet Portraits

Artist Cathy Choyce has the uncanny ability to reach in and touch your pet's soul, transferring it into a cherished work of art. Portraits in colored pencils or pastels are captured with accuracy and attention to detail that will create an emotion impact.

Cathy Choyce Fine Art - Equine & Pet Portraits


Cathy Choyce 
I live in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia in the heart of horse and foxhunting country. Art in one form or another has always been close at hand in my life. I am largely self taught and characterize my style as realistic. Drawing from the moment I could hold a pencil, my favorite subjects were horses or dogs, and plenty of them. My love of art continued on throughout my high school years, and I was able to experiment with a variety of mediums including sculpture, but always was drawn back to painting, colored pencils, pastels and oils in particular. Once out of school and now pursuing a much dreamed of career as a horse trainer, I was able to continue to use my artistic talents by doing equine portraiture in oils. Working so closely...


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Purcellville, VA 20132
United States


Equine Horses have been my passion since I climbed on my first rocking horse. They have always brought magic into my life!
Canines Dogs, dogs, dogs! Gotta love those sweet pooches!
Foxes & More All creatures great and small make up this gallery of artwork non equine and canine.
Sculptures My versatility as an artist extends into the sculpted form. After many years of hands on experience handling and training horses, it was only natural that my next "hands on" would be in clay, eventually being reproduced in resin and bronze.
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