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California Flower Art Academy

Artist directory :: California Flower Art Academy

Experienced floral design school near San Francisco and San Jose. We have been engaged in teaching flower arrangement to uncountable number of students in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1990. We are accredited by Flower Decorators Association Tokyo Japan

California Flower Art Academy


California Flower Art Academy 
WHO WE ARE Foundation of California Flower Art Academy goes back to 1990. We have been teaching a wide range of floral designs from European arrangements to Japanese Ikebana, wedding to funeral decorations AND beginner to professional levels as a floral school certified by Flower Decorators Association who is one of the best established and leading floral associations in Japan. Currently our school has main classroom in San Jose, Santa Clara County and extension class in Burlingame, San Mateo County near San Francisco Airport in order to serve the Greater San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. We provide lessons with hands-on-training of ONE ON ONE instructions limiting number of students to no more than 6 per class (typically 3 to 4) which makes...


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7280 Blue Hill Drive Suite #7
San Jose, CA 95129
United States


Variety of Artworks California Flower Art Academy is pleased to introduce a variety of floral arrangements that were actually designed and made during lessons at our classroom. These arrangements were made by our students and instructors.
Japanese Ikebana-I The majority of our students are beginners. Therefore most Ikebana arrangements introduced in this page are entry level and not very high end. Before going through this page, it MAY be worthwhile for you to get information about Ikebana and also the difference between Ikebana and regular floral arrangement .
Japanese Ikebana-II Most people who learn Ikebana at our school are entry level students. All the arrangements introduced in this page were made by our students (or some by graduates) under the instruction of our Ikebana teacher. Therefore most arrangements are beginner level. Recently we can find some floral artists who learn Ikebana arrangements in addition to European (or American) flower designs.
European Design-I European floral arrangements are widely used not only for hobby but also for floral business. If you are planning to engage in floral business such as running a floral shop, work for a florist as a floral designer, offering floral decorations for wedding parties or funeral ceremonies, learning European floral arrangement is a wise decision. California Flower Art Academy offers a variety of programs &courses for people who want to learn European floral designs.
European Design-II Among various styles of floral arrangements, European design is considered very elegant, graceful and full of profound beauties with its reasonable size. European floral arrangement is widely used not only for professional floral decorations for a variety of events such as weddings, funerals, holiday decorations, birthday arrangements as well as various corporate arrangements but also for interior home decorations.
Wedding Design-I For those who would like to learn floral designs for wedding ceremonies and parties, California Flower Art Academy offers various programs as introduced below: Wedding Party Arrangement Basic Course Wedding Ceremony Arrangement Course Wedding Floral Decoration Advanced Course In order to sign up for above mentioned courses, you must have already learned basic designs of European (or American) arrangements.
Wedding Design-II Among our students who learn wedding floral arrangements, we can find some people who want to implement DIY (Do it yourself) for their own weddings. Namely in order to minimize the amount of budget for wedding flowers, they want to learn wedding flowers and make floral decorations for their own wedding. This is a pretty tough project. Most of them are supported by family members who also help make wedding flower decorations at their wedding ceremony and party.
Bouquet Design-I Recommended Program Wedding Bouquet Making Course Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course It takes more time to make bouquets than making regular floral arrangement. Namely it usually takes about two hours to complete one bouquet. Although it is a time consuming project, you must be satisfied with your own bouquets when they are completed.
Bouquet Design-II Bouquet is one of the most popular designs among wedding floral arrangements. Wedding bouquet is also known as a bridal bouquet. It usually takes 1.5 to 2.0 hours to make one piece of bouquet.
Bouquet Design-III Bouquets are mainly used for wedding ceremonies and wedding parties and it is a mandatory item as a wedding decoration. There are many types of bouquets among which the under mentioned three types are quite popular: A. Round bouquet B.
Pomander design Recommended Course Wedding Party Arrangement Basic Course Wedding Floral Decoration Advanced Course Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course Pomander is also known as a kissing ball which is held by brides and flower girls at weddings. As pomander takes a role of bouquet, some people call it Pomander Bouquet. Pomander greatly helps enhance the beauty of brides.
Basket Arrangement Entire Range of Programs and Courses Our School Offers Among a lot of floral arrangements, basket arrangement is one of very attractive ones. This is often used as a gift or souvenir when visiting a friend's house at the time of being invited to a party. Also basket arrangement is used at weddings. Of course you can display a basket arrangement when decorating your home as a small interior arrangement.
Wreath Arrangement The most popular wreath is a garland type wreath although easel mounted type (standing wreath) is also widely displayed at various occasions. The small wreath is a garland type which is usually worn around a neck like a lei in Hawaii. Large type of wreath is usually made using floral foam and such wreaths are mounted on easel. This type of wreath is often found at the entrance of a party or ceremony or at the reception of some events.
Funeral Arrangement Recommended Course Funeral Floral Decoration Course Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course While lots of people pay special attention to wedding floral arrangement when learning floral designs, they are apt to forget about learning funeral floral decorations. Quite frankly speaking funeral floral arrangement is as important as wedding decorations. The reason behind this is that there is very high demand for or funeral flowers.
Vertical Arrangement There are various types of vertical arrangements among which beginners can pick up their most favorite ones that can be easily made. Compared to horizontal arrangements, vertical arrangements usually need much less space which greatly helps designers display in various locations.
Horizontal Design When learning floral designs, most people are usually recommended to start from vertical arrangements. As the skill of floral designing get advanced gradually, they MAY have interest in other type of designs such as horizontal arrangements. Horizontal arrangements need a little bit wider space for displaying, which is one of reasons that some people do not like this type of decoration.
Triangle Arrangement As the name of this design shows, triangle arrangement is made in the shape/form of triangle. Some people call this type of design "Triangle Arrangement". Common type of triangle arrangement is made with fresh flowers.
All round arrangement Recommended Course Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course All round arrangement (or all around arrangement) is one of styles which can be recommended for entry level students who have recently started to learn floral designs or have not yet earned sufficient skills. One of the main features of this type of arrangement is that this way of decoration can be enjoyed from any kind of angle.
Parallel Arrangement Parallel arrangement is one of quite unique ways of floral decorations which can be seldom found in our daily life. This arrangement is not very easy for beginners to make. As seen in photos uploaded on the slide show of this page, it features several vertical line flowers that stands in parallel each other. If this arrangement is displayed at the entrance of high class restaurant or at the reception of wedding party, the atmosphere of the place can be definitely enhanced.
Easy Arrangement Recommended Program Introductory Trial Budget Program Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course They often say "Simple is the best". When it comes to the floral arrangements for entry level students, this is true. They don't have to make a big deal for making floral arrangements.
Cup Arrangement If you can't find any good vase or container for arranging fresh flowers, you can use any kind of daily items in your home such as tea cup, coffee cup, mug cup or teapot whatsoever. There is no rule for daily tiny arrangement regarding not only the choice of flowers but also the type of containers. The photo in the slide show some of examples of simple and easy floral arrangements using a mug , teapot and coffee cup.
Wine glass decoration There is no rule for the choice of container when making floral arrangement. Some people use simple cube glass container for arranging flowers. If you don't find any suitable container or vase, you can use even a wine glass as a substitute of a floral arrangement vase. As you know, the size of wine glass is usually quite small.
Heart Shape Design When sending a floral gift to your boy friend, it is a good idea to make a Heart Shaped Arrangement with which you can express your deep love to the recipient. This arrangement is a little bit difficult for a beginner to make. Many of heart shaped floral arrangement are made with artificial flowers and some other ornaments. You can practice how to make it so that you can give this valuable gift to your boy friend on his coming birthday.
Green Leaf Design Are you feel bored with ordinary type of floral arrangements ? If you are tired of regular arrangements and looking for something different, we can recommend this particular floral designs featuring green leaves.
Garden Arrangement Garden arrangement is a floral decoration featuring garden fruits and vegetables. For those who feel bored with regular type of floral designs and looking for something new, garden arrangement is highly recommended. The basic way of arrangement is almost same as regular floral designs.
Gift Box Arrangement Would you like to make a hand-made birthday gift for your boyfriend ? If you have floral arranging skills, you can challenge making flower decorated gift box in which you can put a valuable gift your boyfriend likes. In order to make this kind of floral gift box, you need to prepare at least a few materials such as empty box (to be decorated), ribbon and fresh flowers.
Fan Shape Design When you view a floral arrangement from the front side, if its shape looks like a fan, you could call it "Fan Shaped Design". Some of them look like a triangular arrangement. Most of such arrangements are made with fresh flowers.
Pumpkin Decoration Here are several examples of pumpkin decorations. Many of them are made for enjoying Halloween party. If you are interested in making pumpkin decorations for Halloween and want to challenge DIY, please contact We are happy to help you make interesting pumpkin arrangement.
Candle Arrangement Floral arrangements with candles are often found in our daily life not only at churches, Christmas time but also as a day to day domestic interior decoration in our home. Lessons for learning candle flower arrangements are done from time to time at California Flower Art Academy.
Topiary centerpiece Topiary is a round shaped floral arrangement but it is different from pomander. Although both topiary and pomander are popular as wedding floral designs, topiary is not a wearable arrangement and it is never held by a bride. The similar point is both are in the shape of a ball.
Centerpiece-I Recommended Programs Introductory Trial Budget Program Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course Centerpiece is also known as table arrangement. We can find a broad range of centerpieces that can be displayed in various places and occasions. It is typically displayed on the dining, console and cocktail table.
Centerpiece-II Centerpiece is also known as a table arrangement. However the term of centerpiece MAY have a little bit broader range of meaning. Most people start learning floral arrangement with centerpieces.
Centerpiece-III 17 items
Chair decoration Most of people engaged in floral designs must be familiar with table arrangements. How about "chair arrangement". Have you ever heard of this word ? Maybe answer is No.
Cake Arrangement We sometimes arrange flower decoration on a cake that are used at various parties such as birthday, anniversary and wedding party etc etc. The curriculum of Wedding Party Arrangement Basic Course offered by California Flower Art Academy covers practice of arranging flower decoration made on a wedding cake. Most of photos in this page show cakes (our students brought to the classroom) on which they practiced how to make flower decoration.
Corsage Arrangement All pictures shown in this page are taken at the classroom of California Flower Art Academy like other photos introduced in other pages. These photos show corsages actually designed and made by our students under the instruction of floral arrangement teacher during lessons at our school. The typical event using corsages and boutonnieres is a wedding.
Crescent arrangement These crescent arrangements were made during lessons in the classroom of California Flower Art Academy. As its name tells, crescent floral arrangement has the shape of crescent. This design offers a beauty of graceful curve line and different atmosphere created by asymmetrical arrangement.
L shaped arrangement As its name says, L shaped arrangement is designed using the shape of letter "L". This is one of typical asymmetrical arrangements.
S shaped arrangement In addition to L shaped arrangement, we also find S shaped arrangement. As its name shows, this is the arrangement featuring the shape of letter "S". Since the letter of alphabet S has a beautiful curve, S shaped flower arrangement also offers the beauty of graceful curved lines.
Cube glass arrangement Photos in this page show simple flower arrangements using a transparent cube glass container. All arrangements are designed and made by our students under the instruction of our instructor at the classroom of California Flower Art Academy EXCEPT the one that clearly shows the photo source. You can get a cube glass container at a very affordable price ranging from $2 to $5 per piece. Although the arrangements are very small, they can be displayed on the table and the mantel over a fireplace.
Corner Arrangement The photos in this page are examples of unique floral designs that is called "Corner Arrangement". As its name shows, this arrangement is placed in the corner on the table.
Corporate Arrangement Some people use the term "Corporate Arrangement". This means floral arrangements mainly prepared for the display at corporation. Namely it means floral decorations designed not for private use but for corporate use based on corporation's budget.
Unique Arrangement If you are tired of ordinary floral arrangements and looking for something unique or unusual, you MAY like these designs introduce in this page such as unusual vertical arrangements you seldom find, very high value added table arrangement using beautiful cloth surrounding it, decoration designed to be placed at the corner of table, design featuring green leaves and custom designed welcome arrangement which is quite good for placing in the foyer of entrance showing "Welcome".
Table arrangement-1 Table arrangement is also known as a centerpiece. If you want to find more photos showing centerpiece decorations, CLICK HERE . For those who have interest in having experience of making table arrangement (or centerpiece decoration), we want to recommend Table Arrangement Centerpiece Program that is a one day seminar.
Table arrangement-2 Table arrangement (or centerpiece) is one of the most popular types of floral designs that range from easy one to high level arrangement. In most cases when students learn floral arrangements, they usually start with easy table arrangement. California Flower Art Academy offers Introductory Trial Budget Program that is recommended to people who have no previous experience in floral designs.
Table Arrangement-3 At California Flower Art Academy, students who have no experience in floral arrangement usually start from learning table arrangements. Table arrangement is also known as a centerpiece which has a wide range of types from easy and popular ones to difficult and high end ones. Our instructor selects the one that is suitable for beginner students so they do not have a hard time for digesting the curriculum.
Table arrangement-4 Table arrangement is one of the most popular floral designs. it can be displayed at home, office and everywhere you like. Table arrangement is also known as centerpiece.
Asymmetrical Design Floral designs can be divided into two large groups. One is symmetrical arrangement and the other is asymmetrical one. Most of floral designs are symmetrical arrangement.
Underwater arrangement The term of underwater arrangement is seldom heard. This is also known as submerged arrangement. Flowers are usually placed in the water of tall container that is usually transparent so that it can be viewed from outside of a vase.
Geometric design The term geometric arrangement is seldom heard. This arrangement is designed against a backdrop of geometric greenery. Flowers are usually arranged in the water.
Front door decoration Photos for all the designs introduced in this page are from Better Homes and Gardens. Quite unique and creative eye catching arrangements are designed so they can be mounted on the front door or front gate to welcome guests.


Business Oriented Floral Design Courses for Wedding Decoration
Those who already have basic skills of floral arranging can challenge earning a higher level of skills that can be used for doing floral business such as wedding decorations.

Floral Design Lesson Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course
In order for you to acquire good skills of floral arranging, it is so important to find an experienced and certified instructor or reliable floral design school offering quality of lessons. California Flower Art Academy has been educating uncountable number of students in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley since 1990. We offer a variety of floral designs courses depending on the needs and requirement of each student.

Floral Design Class Wedding Party Arrangement Basic Course $298
If you want to learn wedding floral decorations, why not join this program. By joining this course, you can learn several floral arrangements which are mandatory for wedding party decorations. The lesson fee is only $298 including tuition and flower materials as well as minimum required containers and oasis (chemical form to hold flowers/stems).

European Floral Design Introductory Program for only $98
California Flower Art Academy is a well experienced floral design school authorized by Flower Decorators Association Tokyo Japan. We offer a variety of classes, lessons, programs, courses and training sessions for floral designs and flower arranging from beginner to professional levels, wedding to funeral decorations AND elementary to instructor course. The most recommendable approach to floral design training is for you to join INTRODUCTORY TRIAL BUDGET PROGRAM (for only $98).

Affordable Funeral Floral Decoration Class
If you are planning to work at a florist or open your own floral shop, it is mandatory to earn the skill of funeral floral decorations in addition to wedding flower arrangements because it is said that the demand for funeral decoration is pretty high and it will help florists stabilize their business operations.

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