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Chantal Fielding

Artist directory :: Chantal Fielding

Realistic style art - portraits, murals, florals, seascapes and animals.

Chantal Fielding


Chantal Fielding 
I am based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. After matriculating in 1985, I spent 3yrs at The School of Art and Design in Port Elizabeth, where I majored in Graphic Design. I spent a few years working at print shops and also worked as an artist for a decorative sandblasting business in Johannesburg, SA, but always wanted to paint and explore my talents with colour on canvas. I started painting seriously about 10yrs ago, and work mainly with Acrylics, but do love working with Oils as well. My graphic design training is quite evident in most of my work, but I have also tried to "break out" and experiment with textures in some works. Most of the canvasses I have done have been commissioned, and I have sent work as far afield as Texas USA, Canada, Australia and...


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Port Elizabeth
South Africa


PORTRAITS Portraits of people and animals done in Acrylic and Pencil
COMMISSIONS & SOLD WORKS Most of the works in this gallery were commissioned by clients who had specific needs regarding colour use and sizing of the canvas.
WORKS AVAILABLE FOR SALE These works are a mixture of subject matter, and me experimenting with various textures.
White drawing Embellished acrylic pours, white acrylic drawing, dreamcatchers, owls, feathers, mandalas
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