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Artist directory :: CHARITABLE ART

50% goes to charity. "Buy a gift - give a gift". The gallery contains all handmade items, ceramic tiles, fused glass, jewelry, anodized aluminum, scarfs, horseshoe nail art and more.



Charitable Art 
"Buy a Gift - Give a Gift" Welcome to Charitable Art! When you buy a piece of art from us 50% of the purchase price is given to charity. You can choose a charity from a list that we provide. You get the tax deduction and a lot of appreciation. If you were to have a large order, we would entertain the possibilities of supporting a charity of your choice. Just contact us for further discussion. I started Charitable Art in July of 2006. My idea was to find a way where I could have FUN with my art, GIVE TO CHARITY,and recoup expenses if possible. I dabble in several medias, handmade, hand painted tiles, fused glass, anodized aluminum, and silk scarf painting. I've also encouraged several of my friends to share their art and also give 50% to...


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Sequim, WA 98382
United States


Handmade Hand Painted Ceramic Tiles All the tiles are handmade by the artist Jeff Becker. Tiles can be finished by having them framed ( also functions as a trivet ), or boxed. The boxes are lined with felt.
Fused Glass A variety of fused glass artists have contributed to this gallery.
Misc - Silk Scarves, Horseshoe Nail Art A varitety of artists have contributed their art in this gallery.
Pet Portraits Jeff Becker can create a customized pet portrait from your favorite photo. 4x4 framed - $45 , 4x4 boxed - $50 , 4x4 garden stake - $50, 4x4 napkin holder - $50 4x4 pen and pencil holder - $50, 4x4 tissue box cover - $55, 4x4 planter box - $55 6x6 framed - $60 , 6x6 boxed - $65 Call or contact me for more information on having your own pet portrait done.
Jewelry Anodized aluminum or fused glass pieces.
Cards  Cards designed by Pam Mirrer Blank Insides
Custom Work - Singing Winds Singing Winds is a 41' Gaft Rigged Sailboat. A French Canadian Sealer. It's owner Brian Metke, has a passion for remodeling this boat with antiques, brass, and my handmade tiles.
Custom Work - Kitchen Backsplash This was a custom backsplash project for someone's kitchen.


Happy New Year 2020
Just want to let you all know that Charitable Art has now given $52,535 dollars to charity. Thanks to you all.

Happy 2017
I love playing around with color. This picture shows my new anodized aluminum necklaces and bracelets. In case you're interested - Charitable Art has now passed on $43,000 to charities! Thanks to all of you who have supported Charitable Art in the past.

Welcome Raven
Raven is my new family member!!!! She's 9 months old now and just full of energy. She's just as excited as I am to share with everyone that Charitable Art's total amount given to charity since we started is now $39,958.10!!!! I'm so happy for the charities.

2014 Results
Another year has gone by and I'm so glad to tell all of you that Charitable Art, as of the end of 2014, has passed on $34002.21 to charity. Thanks to all of you that have supported this effort in the past . Please tell all your friends and family about Charitable Art and hopefully 2015 will be another great year for the charities.

Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!
A new record high raised in 2013. $6774--- that makes a total now raised for charity of $29,320. Thank you to everyone that continues to support charities through Charitable Art - let's keep up the good work for 2014.

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