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Artist directory :: Coastal-Artists

Coastal Artists us a non-profit association of award-winning multimedia artists. Their purpose is the foster awareness, understanding and appreciation of the fine arts in the general public.



Coastal Artists 
OUR STORY: How and Why We Began The founders of Coastal Artists were all long-time artist-members of the Del Mar Art Center &Gallery (Del Mar, CA), which suddenly lost its space in December 2007 at the 15th Street Del Mar Plaza. The homeless artists sent a letter to the editor of several local newspapers, explaining their loss of gallery space and asking for any offers of space where they could show their multimedia art. Two immediate offers came: one from the City Hall Gallery of Solana Beach, the other from the Solana Highlands School in Carmel Valley. The City Hall offer was made by the Assistant to the Mayor who invited the artists to a meeting to discuss the offer. At the meeting the group met the Gallery Director, and a June date was offered...


Bob Cradic 5 items
Cheryl Ehlers 6 items
Sandy Friend 5 items
Wendy Hall 6 items
Dana Levine 5 items
Mark Sherman 5 items
Rita Shulak 4 items
Lia Strell 5 items
Aura Suarez 5 items


Winter Art Whirl at La Vida Del Mar Dec. 1 - 30, 2019

Save the Date: Winter Art Whirl 19
It's that time of the year where our artists come together to celebrate and spread holiday joy to the residents of La Vida Del Mar. Join in on the festivities with music and refreshments and great artworks, hosted by the facility and staff in this intimate environment. Stop in and meet the artists exhibiting during a reception held on Friday, December 6, 2019, 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm.

Coastal Artists' Summer ArtSplash '19 is On Now!
Coastal Artists' newest show is up and ready for you to enjoy! Participating artists are Bob Cradic, Don Coordt, Cheryl Ehlers, Sandy Friend, Mark Sherman, and Rita Shulak from Coastal Artists, and guest artists Abbey Chamberlain, Wendy Hall, and Rosemary Valente.

Coastal Artists' "Summer ArtSplash '19" coming in August
Once again Coastal Artists will be exhibiting a set of stunning images at La Vida Del Mar. Be sure to see it during the month of August.

Images from Coastal Artists' "Spring ArtFling '19"
The Spring ArtFling was another great success. Participating artists were Bob Cradic, Don Coordt, Cheryl Ehlers, Sandy Friend, Julie Saltman, Mark Sherman, and Rita Shulak from Coastal Artists, and guest artist Abbey Chamberlain.

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