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Colleen Nygard Art

Artist directory :: Colleen Nygard Art

Hiking to the top of the world to meet up with a spectacular view of Mt Rainier and a little bird. Currently, this print is sold out, but please contact me for a special order

Bird's Eye View



Colleen McIntyre Nygard 
My art business has grown out of my passion to paint the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. While my young family was growing up, free time to paint was always in short supply. But an early retirement gave me the chance to paint full-time about 7 years ago. I love to paint panoramic landscapes in an attempt to capture the beauty and vastness of the scenery around me. I also love to paint a smaller scene- examining the intricate details of tree bark, flower petals, pebbles in a stream. I love to balance the very dark colors and the very light highlights in a painting to make the shapes pop out and look real in a very painterly way.


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