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Lyn C Kirksey, Desert Yarns Art Studio and Blog

Artist directory :: Lyn C Kirksey, Desert Yarns Art Studio and Blog

Coming to the desert was a turning point for me, I knew I had found my place for new ideas and personal growth. It is a harsh envirnment and takes determination to remain and survive as an artist and desert dweller. It teaches and inspires.

Lyn C Kirksey, Desert Yarns Art Studio and Blog


Lyn C Kirksey 
My interests are many and varied, it's colored pencils, pastels, photography and anything else that catches my attention that I might use in my artwork. My artwork, jewelry and photography are inspired by the desert. I fell in love with it and knew I would retire out here just outside the Big Bend National Park. I collect sandstone, old fence wire, wood, mica, leather, wire and recently I retrieved old key tags. A lot of the time I am not sure what I will do with them but something will inspire me. That is what makes it art, I never know what I will end up creating.


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P.O. Box 488
Terlingua, TX 79852
United States


Desert Bling This pieces of jewelry are inspired by all manner of things found in the desert. It might be sandstone, mica, granite, dried cactus pads, creasote wood, mudstone and anything else that catches my attention.
Black and White This is something new for me, don't usually do much black and white photography.
Art Corner Another passion is my colored pencil and pastels.


Long time coming
It truly has been a long while since I have been on this site but unfortunately life gets in the way. One has to earn a living to pay bills. The wonderful thing is I have been able to retire and work if the urge strikes.

My Outside World
Animals in the Natl. Park

I Spy
Rain much needed.

I can see why the siesta was invented in the southwest part of the United States and Mexico. During the middle of the day the heat can be intense and activity is minimal. Even when I try and work on the computer and not doing much moving around my eyelids start drooping and off I go to the couch. The late evening makes up for the hot part of the day. As the moon rises and the stars star coming out a breeze springs up and its a perfect place to be. Last night was a great example the moon was full and

Water Water Everywhere
Draught conditions.

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