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Artist directory :: DIANA MARTIN STUDIO

This is a collection of My Artwork in many subjects and styles. It is available to anyone with interest for an original by contacting me.



Diana S. Martin Studio 
I have been a Professional Artist for over 35 years and have accumulated a massive portfolio of works. I have estimated having created/painted well over 25,000 pieces of art and it continues to expand as I seek more ways to express my creativity. I use every type of media on just about every surface you can paint on and there seems to be endless ideas for the next series or concept. I am continually searching for that new and unique way to present a subject. My greatest love is to study and paint Wildlife, but I have never been limited to creating just one subject...Figurative and abstracts and even a series of over 300 mermaids are contained in my artistic endeavors. As well I love to work dimensionally and have created large wall sculptures from...


WILDLIFE One of my most enjoyable subjects to paint. The big cats are always a favorite with Wildlife lovers and some of these pieces are available in print.
FIGURATIVE These ladies all represent a mood or form that was a part of a larger series over the last 4 years! Several are still available although the greater part belong in private collections already!
ABSTRACTS These are decorative home or business place pieces. Very Modestly priced and really cover any decor. They are all under $500, many are much less but these are still ORIGINAL ART for those who like paint on canvas but don't want to spend a fortune!!! Enjoy and be sure that you can order from anything you see....I can do something very similar to any of these as they are all sold. So feel free to ask!
FANTAZ This gallery contains works of Fantasy, Make believe and assorted fun Items! ENJOY!!


Diana Martin Artist
This gallery is an assortment of my art pieces, everything from wildlife to abstract to figurative and fantasy...

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