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recent paintings by Duane Keith Onodera

Artist directory :: recent paintings by Duane Keith Onodera

These paintings are images that have grabbed my attention, that I wanted to to relect a time and place for me. They are full of color and joy, and hope and humanity in the midst of some trying times.

recent paintings by Duane Keith Onodera


Duane Keith Onodera 
Always done art, always looking, part of how I want to be in the world involves producing and creating art. I am inspired by the world around me, people, photos, art hisory, exotic and domestic places, and places in my mind. I love abstraction, most open part of my mind. Try to use mindfulness and presence in how I approach art, and love to travel to open up to how other cultures are inspired. Love to paint, photograph.


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2024 High St.
Denver, CO 80205
United States


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