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Elemental Artwork

Artist directory :: Elemental Artwork

Our sculptures begin with clay, glazes are applied, and fired in an electric kiln. The final detail work brings "life" to each piece by the use of feathers, leather, metal, nature findings, etc.

Elemental Artwork


Donna Jean Rupe 
Most of the sculptures on this website are a collaboration between myself, Donna Rupe, and Dave Craig. We are drawn to unique individuals from all cultures. The process for our pieces begins by sculpting the piece from stoneware clay. It is then bisque fired in an electric kiln. A glaze wash is applied followed by another firing. This process is completed by Donna. Then the sculpture is passed on to Dave where he finishes the sculpture by creating the essence of the piece by adding feathers, leather, metal, beads, hair, nature findings and anything else that he is believes will add to the piece.


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