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Eric Matranga

Artist directory :: Eric Matranga

This 16x20 oil painting is ready to frame.



Some of what I produce is definitely not the western landscape and can be loosely described as surreal. These pieces include work that is provocative and is critical of what I see in our contemporary society. Some is not so much critical but is not a depiction from nature.


Eric Matranga 
I have been drawing and painting since early childhood. I received a BA in art but spent my working years as a professional geographer. I now find myself disabled, but with plenty of time to produce art. When I draw and paint, the pain falls away and I am present in the piece. When I started working more regularly at drawing and painting, I realized I was still using the traditional palette of color. As I started adding more of the vivid, acid pigments available, I began to use those pigments in their full intensity. I had been relying on white blended with the traditional color palette in a quite high-key manner. I find I am getting much more pop to the finished work with the full intensity pigments.


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Phoenix, AZ
United States


Artwork 6 items
Recent Work I have spent the last couple years trying to stabilize the decline in my physical condition. Degenerative back and spine problems leave me incapacitated for long periods, particularly when the weather is cold. Art keeps me alive and helps diminish the pain.
Music I am using this genre to explore new ways to attain a dynamic feel to the static flatness of the canvas.
Large Work Some of my more recent effort on a larger scale.
Drawings I started doing a lot of drawing again when I went onto the disability retirement. Drawing and painting are the only daily activities that don't cause pain.
2018 Shows and Exhibitions Lots of activities opening up for the Autumn. This page will track the shows and work exhibited.
Art of the West This gallery is the repository for some of the framed inventory I assembled for several shows over the past few years. The shows also included numerous small pastel drawings already framed that don't image well through the glass.
Archive Older work that have been sold or gifted and are no longer available.
2021 I finally got around to updating my work on this website and have bailed out of Northern California. That time spent was not a very pleasant experience but did provide plenty of motivation to leave considerable baggage behind and MOVE ON.
"5 5 5 Special" 2021 Summer Online Show I had one piece selected for this online show in the summer of 2021. The gallery is the Light Space &Time Online Art Gallery and the work received a Special Mention Award.
November 2021 Nature Exhibition Two of five submitted pieces selected and received Special Recognition awards.


It has been quite some time since I updated this material. .

My Thoughts About Art
I am starting a blog to regularly write about artists, art history, and how I see myself fitting in here and now.

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