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Evy Olsen Halvorsen Artist

Artist directory :: Evy Olsen Halvorsen Artist

I am an artist referring to my childhood memories for my paintings, in oils and encaustic and I have notions about space and time which inform my abstract paintings. I am fascinated by concepts of time not being linear and multiverses, unknown dimensions.

Evy Olsen Halvorsen Artist


Evy Holstein 
I have been creating art for as long as I can remember. I have a snapshot of myself sitting on a stump in the woods with a large sketch book. I am struck today that my parents bought me a real sketch book when I was 6, not just some scratch paper. Encouraged as a child but not directed, it took a long time to go back to school and get my BFA from Cornish College of the Arts. My memories of my childhood in Norway and curiosity about theories of time and the universe filter into my paintings. Young confusion about life and growth and truth all melt into a searching, a need to find something in paint, answers in line, edge and hue. Memory, time and the space we occupy while we are here, ever so briefly.


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5941 ne Timberland dr.
Kingston, WA 98346
United States


Abstracts these are all recent, within the last few years, abstract artworks. Generally they lean towards being abstracted landscapes.
oil paintings, figurative or landscape These are representational oil paintings on canvas
Encaustic work Encaustic is an ancient process, going back a couple of thousand years. It involves heat, beeswax and damar resin. With the addition of pure pigments.
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