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Christine Fiksdal Tijiboy

Artist directory :: Christine Fiksdal Tijiboy

Mosaic inlaid on wood. Created in late 1970s. Location: Holy Cross Monastery, Castro Valley, California


Early Works


Christine Fiksdal Tijiboy 
My paintings explore ordinary, everyday subjects in simplified ways, focusing on line, color, texture, shape, and how the forms fit into their surroundings. I enjoy unexpected color choices and surprises in perspective. I use traditional and non-traditional tools, and mix materials. I work on paper, wood panels and canvas, and often combine media. The materials, as much as the subjects, can be the inspirational starting point. Materials, as well as visual memories and perspectives, are inspiring and informing the work in which I am currently engaged. I love not knowing where I'm going with a project until I realize suddenly that I've arrived.


Landscapes 50 items
Animals 35 items
Colors & Shapes 43 items
Figures 11 items
Still Life 66 items
Structures 30 items
Assemblages - the Rust Gallery Small Sculptures and Structures composed of found materials, rusted metal pieces mostly
Greeting and Holiday Cards Christmas Cards featuring original art with new design for each year, and Greeting Cards (blank inside) made from original works on paper
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