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Norma Brinker Fine Art

Artist directory :: Norma Brinker Fine Art

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Norma Brinker 
Thank you for your interest in Noric Wellness Center and Fine Art. My name is Norma Brinker; I have a genuine interest in providing holistic services to provide wellness and enhance your quality of life. Massage is my main modality. I realize the myriad benefits of massage and the importance of human touch. Massage is able to affect the nervous system to relieve stress, soothe muscles, relieve aches and pains, regulate disturbed sleep habits, improve circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, restore vigor, vitality and energy flow to the body. Massage also releases endorphins to provide that feel good feeling to eliminate feelings of depression and sadness. The integrative, alternative and preventive holistic therapies I provide offer a holistic...


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Noric Wellness Center
4730 Palm Ave. #207
La Mesa, CA 91941
United States


New Address
New address for Noric Wellness Center and Norma Brinker Fine Art is: 4730 Palm Ave #207, La Mesa, Ca 91941. Visit Noric for Holiday in the Village- Sat.

Is your life entangled? Just untie all the knots and break free.

Sound Baths for Institutions
Mobile Sound Baths for Institutions in San Diego.

Abstract Art
This painting is titled ‘It’s a Process’ that was my thought while creating this piece of work; and it’s so enjoyable; working with the colors and different mediums, adding layers and layers until I’m happy with the outcome; oh yeah! I’m happy.

‘Consider all Possibilities’
New Painting Release- Consider all Possibilities

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