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Noric Wellness Center

Artist directory :: Noric Wellness Center

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Norma Brinker 
Thank you for your interest in the Noric Wellness Center and; or Norma Brinker, Fine Art. The Noric Wellness Center’s Team has a genuine interest in providing holistic services to promote wellness and enhance your quality of life. Massage is our main modality. We realize the myriad benefits of massage and the importance of human touch. Massage is able to affect the nervous system to relieve stress, soothe muscles, relieve aches and pains, regulate disturbed sleep habits, improve circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, restore vigor, vitality and energy flow to the body. Massage also releases endorphins to enhance emotional/mental states; eliminating feelings of depression and sadness. The integrative, alternative and preventive holistic therapies we...


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Noric Wellness Center
4730 Palm Ave. #207
La Mesa, CA 91941
United States


Fine Art Paintings  & Craft Abstract Art &Crafts
Art Cards-Original Hand Painted-Miniature and Mid Size Abstract Art, Multipurpose Cards; Great for greeting, gift tagging, birthday, thank you, framing, positive affirmation.


Dried Flowers
I love dried flowers. I’ve seen these types of flowers and thought they weren’t real; rather man made to look like they were dried out flowers. I picked these up at the La Mesa Farmers Market and was told they actually grow as dried flowers and they’re called straw flowers; I am amazed! They are beautiful, there’s a variety of colors, and are everlasting.

My collection of creative works by fellow artists, brightens my day when I’m sitting at my dining table. It’s the simplest things that matter and make life more enjoyable.

Consistent bleeding heart; time and time again, heart break, confusion, seeking resolution to no avail, no black or white understanding, faded love and emotion, suck it up, burying it to the point that there’s no more room to bury it, full to the brim, no where for it to go,; but to run over, you draw the line to abandoning, seeking total restoration, I’m sorry flowers from the past, buried or no flowers or sorrowful pleas, no understanding or resolve- it’s time for restoration of self and self love.

I love these color combinations, painting on paper gives me visual perspective when choosing my palette for future paintings and the papers can be used in journals and other paper crafts such as cards, collages and more.

Earthly Gentleness
Yes! we need more earthly gentleness. Floral Abstract

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