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Brumak Fire Steel

Artist directory :: Brumak Fire Steel

In my minds eye I see a finished piece and use my torch to release it from it's mass. No piece is a replica or duplicate, as I get new ideas I can't wait to create. Fire pit or sculpture, both?

Brumak Fire Steel


Steel and fire came together building bridges back in the day. Pile driving and huge steel beams across rivers mixed with a hot torch shaped structures to our will. I enjoy the flow of molten steel as it separates shape from it's mass. If you ever get a chance to try it, it's hot - Brumak Use the Contact page to inquire about any piece, see Gallery for descriptions- Brumak


Three Hot Fish 30"x 18" x 7/16" solid steel pipe pile fire sculpture of three "slightly aggressive" fish. Each has an eye of red, clear, boro-silicate glass set as you would a setting in a ring. This allows steel to get hot and not affect glass eyes.
Monstera on Bamboo with Hibiscus 30"x 18" x 7/16" solid steel pipe pile. Monstera Philodendron, Bamboo and Hibiscus blossom adorn this fire sculpture. Top is a half-moon shaped 3/8" thick one piece solid steel torch cut grate designed with the same motif and swings out to become a shelf outside or swung in over the fire.
De Vine 30"x 18"x 7/16" Steel pipe pile. 3/4"cold rolled steel pot hook adjusts for height as does the 16" diameter grate that will swing in over the fire or outside.
Grill w/Pothook 26"diameter x 32" high x 1/2" thick pipe pile grill. Grate is industrial catwalk with a 14" half-moon cutout for feeding the fire.
H.O.G. A two layer silhouette of a Classic in steel plate. Built for the Harley Owners Group of Puget Sound for their 2012 charity drive raffle. This wall sculpture was on display at Sound Harley at Smoky Point where the raffle winner was drawn.
Scott's Fish'n' Greg stopped by one day this Spring while I was cutting steel. He said his friend Scott had passed. Scott had many friends and a loving wife and was an expert fisherman.
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