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Girl Glass Studio

Artist directory :: Girl Glass Studio

Hand Blown Art Glass ... I exist to make beautiful art glass, Everyday I create blown glass ornaments, pumpkins, paperweights, vases, bowls & goblets. Creating blown glass and teaching glassblowing classes

Girl Glass Studio


Shannon Jane Morgan 
Making art glass is what I love....I'm primarily self taught...and for the past 21 years......I show up almost every morning and make... I travel into my artists brain... and consider, think about.. or am inspired by someone or something... and then I pick up a blow pipe.... and start.... sometimes..... without a true plan... but perhaps a process as mold able as the medium I converse with... color laid out on my steel table... the furnace roaring and my tools and coffee... right were I need them... Time falls away like no other place in my daily world... color speaks to me in a language not shared by others... the process is for me... the outcome... for you ... "The world is as we dream it"


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2648 21st Ave
Sacramento, CA 95820
United States


Available for Purchase These are my current offerings for purchase. Please check back as my collection of pieces is ever changing. All pieces are signed and dated by Gaffer Shannon Jane Morgan.
Painting in Glass The interior photographs of my work... Photography by myself and my friend Tigger...
Vases From small little square jars to beautiful large pieces...
Bowls From small delightful little bowls to 17" of glorious chaotic swirls Each hand made art glassbowl is incredibly unique one of a kind creation
Paperweights These add that little "something" to your desk, table, window sill, or anywhere else you can think of to place them to please your eyes through out the day...
Pumpkins 2006 Great Glass Pumpkin Patch held @ The Palo Alto Art Center. The must beloved event is one I so look forward to , the opportunity to create so many gorgeous pieces of art.
Goblets An amazing collection of drinking vessels
Ornaments Within this gallery you will find beautiful ornaments to purchase and enjoy. All ornaments unless otherwise stated are $28.00 each. Stop by my studio the hand pick your treasure... And thanks for supporting your local artist.
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