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Helena Vic Designs

Artist directory :: Helena Vic Designs

Helena Vic Designs is a line that does personalized unique artwork. The art is mainly prints and comes in an array of sizes. Different products such as note cards, business cards, and letterhead is available.

Helena Vic Designs


Helena Vic 
Thank you for visiting my site. I do feel that you will find it interesting and to your liking. Starting out in art was something that I was experimenting with. I was actually doing some things in my dorm room when I started drawing. I had dabbled in the notion while in middle school but did not get into it until I was in college. As an artist, I work solely with ink. All kinds of ink but I prefer rollerball and gel ink. I decided to do art in ink because I have more control of the flow, of the lines, and of the pace of the ink. There are different colors of ink but ink cannot be manipulated as much as paint, but ink is still my favorite!


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Rowland, NC
United States


The Art Process! This is the process start to finish for a piece of art. It shows different stages to when the piece was started to what it takes to complete the piece.
Black and White! Artwork in this collection are all black and white. The artwork in this collection cannot have color added to them. They are just black and white.
Pictures of Color The art in this gallery are all colored. The colors were added to the original artwork in this gallery.
Colorless In this gallery, the artwork has been created to add different color schemes depending on the preference of the observer. The artwork can be done in several color schemes but you will get the chance to select your own colors for your unique style.
New Collection 2015 This is the New Collection so far of 2015. None of these pictures have been seen! There are multiple pieces in this album that have been made for others and also made for businesses. These pictures can be colored, they can be matted, framed, and personalized.
Collection 2017 This is artwork that I have completed in the last couple of years. It is composed of black and white art, also colored arts. This collection is advanced in some areas than my previous work.
Jewelry 284 items
Sale!! This artwork is currently on sale as is. The artwork can be mailed or delivered. If you are interested in purchasing any of the artwork, please contact in email or telephone.


New Things!
Something Different!

Artwork for Sale!
Hello everybody! I am selling my matted art online through Zhibit and Facebook. Let me know if you are interested in a piece from my matted collection! Prices varies for each piece!

I think I am the world's biggest procrastinator. But I have been working on a lot of new art and I think that once everything is completed that it will be a huge success. Some people work better under pressure and others like to have time to re visit their work.

New Art!
I plan to add new art soon. There has been a lot going on so I have to accomplish some challenges but I have been productive!

New Art
I have completed a new art collection. With having a new collection I try to complete all the art I have going on but now I see that I started two more pictures so my collection is almost complete! LOL!

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