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Helen Saunders Art

Artist directory :: Helen Saunders Art

My abstract paintings are a visual interpretation of emotional energy. Many appear to be surreal landscapes. In my gyotaku printing only an impression of the fish is given. My intention is to create images that have a viseral impact on the viewer.

Helen Saunders Art


Helen Saunders 
Helen Saunders is an artist who creates abstract paintings using a variety of acrylic mediums, ferns, yarn, stones, and old jewelry. Her style is still emerging and is being influenced by her love of textured sculptual forms, transparent layers, and flowing earthy colors. Yarn with its long unruly strands helps her get some interesting random lines. She uses an intuitive approach to her work after the planning, sketching, and development of the color boards. She says the paintings just seem to grow after the first layers are in place. She started showing her work in 2007 with an exhibit of seventeen pieces at Everett Community College in Everett, Washington. In 2008 her work was seen in five juried arts festivals and one gallery show, Brushes With the...


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Camano Island, WA 98282
United States


Abstract Paintings The paintings in this gallery are acrylic mixed media and most are done on 3" deep canvases. This allows me to have the designs flow over the edges ..this gives me five sides to paint and offers the viewer many different angles from which to observe the painting. Ferns, yarns, jewelry, and stones are layered in with acrylic mediums to create interesting textures.
Collage This gallery has all the collages that I started the summer of 2014. I am using the papers I have printed on the Gelli plate to create the outfits for the Power Women. The design for the women was done years ago and at one time I had fake tattoos of them.
Printmaking Monotypes, dry point etchings and gyotaku fish prints can be found in this gallery. Monotypes are one of a kind prints done on a plexiglas plate with printing inks, a plate, special printmaking papers, and a press. Layers are added with different colors, masks, stencils, and paintings. Dry point, intaglio prints, are made with a plexiglass plate that has been "etched" with an etching needle, inked, wiped, and printed with a press.
Commissions This gallery holds the images of the commissions I have completed.
Gone But not Forgotten Works in this gallery have been sold. Keeping photos of them on my web site allows viewers to see a variety of completed work. If there is one you really love, I can make one that is similar.....a reproduction is not possible even if I wanted to create it.


Collaged cupcakes
Using some of my fancy papers I have created some fancy cupcakes.

Cold wax fun
Trying out the back painting technique used on the place mats to create new small paintings from old watercolors.

Needle Felting
I decided to branch out and do something very different so I signed up for Fabulous Fibers online class by Joanne Sharpe.

Runners and place mats
During this very long year of being shut in and away I have been working on a variety of fun art projects...painted table runners and place mats was one such project

Flag Books and Morocco Adventure
Planning a Culinary journal in the form of a flag book.

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