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Martin Hunter

Artist directory :: Martin Hunter

The function of this website to provide a forum for showing my work and for communicating with friends and students of art. Mentoring other artists that are beginning their own journey will be a primary focus.

Martin Hunter


Martin Hunter 
When I started at OSU Professor Sherman pulled me aside one day and asked me what kind of secondary education I had in art prior to college. I told him "None". He smiled and said "I suspected as much." He said "It typically takes me two years or more for my graduate students to unlearn the crap that they were taught in elementary and secondary school." Many think of education as an additive process only. However, there are numerous examples that all of us can think of where the first step in our education was to destroy previously learned bad habits and erroneous ways of viewing the world that would, if left in place, make it impossible to proceed forward. In science new evidence comes to light and an entire profession must reconsider long held...


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10995 Hawthorne Pass Lane
Centerville, OH 45458
United States


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