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Ikebana by the Bay

Artist directory :: Ikebana by the Bay

Ikebana by the Bay is pleased to research and share a wide range of information regarding Japanese traditional floral art called IKEBANA. Enjoy various information such as photos, floral designs and cultural background relating to Ikebana.

Ikebana by the Bay


Mieko Hirano 
Ikebana by the Bay is a NICK NAME of Ikebana Studio operated by California Flower Art Academy headed by our managing director Mieko Hirano who has a license of Ikebana Instructor certified in Japan and more than 30 years experience in teaching Ikebana arrangements. We are engaged in research and study of Ikebana arts in addition to offering classes, lessons and seminars for Ikebana arrangements. Our staff is pleased to introduce various information regarding Ikebana such as photos showing actual Ikebana arrangements, website introducing Ikebana and cultural background as well as the history of Ikebana.


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7280 Blue Hill Dr. #7
San Jose, CA 95129
United States


Gallery of Ikebana Arrangement-I Ikebana introduced in this page were arrangements actually designed and made by our instructor, students and graduates. Some of them MAY not be beautifully done only because these were made by students lacking design experiences. However I hope these works help you understand what kind of floral art Japanese Ikebana is.
Gallery of Ikebana Arrangement-II As you MAY know, Ikebana is a Japanese traditional floral art. Recently we can find lots of people who have keen interest in Ikebana. Some people enjoy viewing and appreciating Ikebana arrangement.
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