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Isidora Stardust Art & Photography

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Jamie Bender 
I am a photographer, painter, model,dancer and musician. I guess I'm a creativity addict. So why am I an artist? I create art to express the passionate parts of me that cannot be summed up with words. I create art in an attempt to show the emotional and spiritual aspects of life. And like music, I create art to soothe the savage beast within us all with beauty and light. "We are whatever the mind can conceive of and believe in."


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Long Island, NY
United States


B&W Photography 21 items
Paintings 4 items


A few words found their way to paper after I was inspired by a wonderful modern ballet peice. Hope you enjoy. Amilia Where is it held? The power is't in the smoke. It lives in my hands. Stiff joints have no strenght. It thrives in the bend. Don't bang your head on water. Spred fingers grip the wind. Lenghten in all directions. It ends in movement... ~Isi 2011

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