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Jacques Drapeau Artwork

Artist directory :: Jacques Drapeau Artwork

Displays artwork for viewer enjoyment and (hopefully) purchase.

Jacques Drapeau Artwork


Jacques Drapeau 
My name is Jacques Drapeau. The picture above is a selfie that I took not too terribly long ago. It shows that I'm old. In fact, I'm very old. Older than I've ever been in the past. I currently live in Marysville WA. When I was young, I lived in the Jurassic. The above picture shows me offering a doughnut to a stegosaurus. I am aware that I'm not supposed to feed people food to wild animals. The stegosaurus didn't complain. Later on, I lived in the cretaceous. This picture was taken then. Posing for the picture was very nearly the end of me. Just after the shutter snapped, the adult dinosaur to the left farted! My olfactory sense has not been the same since. I am educated, though I have had no formal art education. I have a...
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