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James Rose

Artist directory :: James Rose

This site contains drawings and paintings I make of my everyday experiences living in the New York area. The materials I use are markers, charcoal and oil paint. I am currently living in Brooklyn and most of my drawings are of my local neighborhoods.

James Rose


Artist Statement: When people first meet, they often ask where the other is from. They want to be able to put the other person in context. Place is a big part of identity. My work focuses on places and the people who occupy those places. I live in South Brooklyn, with my family. I paint communities, especially my own. I also paint the transportation between them. I capture a moment in time when people are in transition from one place to another. My paintings are informed by both drawings I do from life and photographs I take. I walk, ride the subway and drive, looking for scenes that make me feel something. I identify a dynamic composition and capture it with either charcoal, markers or my camera. Then I go home and paint with oil on canvas in my...


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Bay Ridge
Brooklyn, NY 11209
United States


Archives These paintings and drawing date back to my days in art school in Portland, Maine and my time in San Francisco.
OWS In 2011, I was swept up by the Occupy Wall Street Movement and went down to Liberty Plaza. I brought my sketch book and this is what I have documented from that time period.
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