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James J. Vullo

Artist directory :: James J. Vullo

This website is dedicated to a man who lived his life to the fullest, in his art, his teaching, writing and even in his kite flying!

James J. Vullo


James J. Vullo 
A Portrait of James J. Vullo by Niece Josie Ann Vullo-Grimaldi ( 1915 - 1999 ) He was fiercely independent, expressive, funny, direct, emotional, wise, helpful, handsome, silly, sooo stubborn, bike riding, pun lovin, temper flying, surprising, passionate, let's dance, turtle necking, witty, beret wearing, kite flying professor, well known, well loved Buffalo Artist. To visit in the world of Uncle Jim, you need to know only this, nothing is as it first seems. Let him guide you through, listen and look with his senses. He'll introduce you to the dancing trees. You'll actually see and hear them clap in approval of you sketching them. You'll find color and beauty in places that you've never seen before, like a purple pink tree with stunning turquoise...


Cubic Expressionistic Jimmy Vullo began to embrace his durable cubic expressionistic style in the 1950's. In these arrangements of stacking buildings and open spaces he projects the specific mood of the place, just as any American scene painter would... and yet never sacrifices the more or less independent meaning of the abstract patterning.
1970's - 1990's Watercolors  1970'S - 1990'S He painted loose bold watercolors and did large drawings freely with all the Enthusiasm and Confidence an Artistic lifetime brings! "I see this time as a Grand Finale of his Wonderful Artistic Life." Quote from niece Josie A.
Large Acrylic Drawings 1960's - 1980's Every time you look at one of Jimmy Vullo's large striking 1960's black and white landscapes you will definitely be forced to reconsider your comfortable classifications, Done in acrylic on heavy watercolor paper.
Earlier Watercolors and Drawings 1940's and up Earlier Watercolors and Drawings 1940's and up
Drawings  Drawing was like breathing to Jimmy Vullo, he was born an artist and was so infatuated with all of life, he had a need to record and share on canvas and paper the beauty that he saw.
Earlier and Newer Sketches, Doodles and Notes A Wonderful Discovery of Sketches, Doodles and Notes that give us a closer look into the creative mind and heart of Jimmy Vullo.
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