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Jane Forth

Artist directory :: Jane Forth

wild Watercolor, imaginative art, painting, color landscape

Jane Forth


Jane M Forth 
There is magic to the transparency of watercolor, and the way a brush creates abstractions, subtlety, definition in an intangible relationship it has with the fluidity of water. The textures of paper and the touch of a brush on wet surfaces are a creative way of building color, form, line, subject - hopefully, in communicating an inherent power, beauty an underlying relationship of human and nature. Often I work on small paintings since these are portable, either outside or in my studio. I experiment with mineral pigments, watercolor sticks, pencils and markers. These tools feel contemporary, often give an illusion of control of the outcome but most of all are lively additions in...


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United States


Sunlit Coloristic watercolor fine art


A Painting as a Journey
Like chapters in a book, meandering through ideas, multiple changes in color, a few erasures until in a final chapter, enough is enough, a travelogue in paint and brush stops action.

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